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Girl, get your mind right!

This week I discussed the importance of mindset and why it should be the first step in your healing journey.

If you feel like you're going in circle with your health, this episode is for YOU!

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What's your poop trying to tell you?

Let's be real, we all check out our poop! But do you know what to look for?

Your poop is a major indicator of your overall health so you should definitely keep these in mind!

Check out my post for the dirty details!

Get all the dirty details

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When it comes to health goals, support is everything.

So you know what you SHOULD be doing for your health, but it's super hard to stick with it!

You need the support of a tribe! I created the Mindful Vitality Tribe as a community for those of you on your healing journey that need some accountability, motivation and inspiration to reach your goals!

You get 24/7 support from myself and your tribe plus weekly lessons and recipes!

The doors are now open, and I'm offering FREE one week trials! Click below for more info.

The Mindful Vitality Blog

Each week I drop a new blog post on everything from gut health to mental health, cooking, chronic pain and more! I always tailor my content to what my followers want to see so I would love your feedback!

About Holly

I'm a registered nutritionist with degrees in both nutrition and psychology. I'm obsessed with cooking, learning about gut health and cuddling my friends dogs!

I believe that a balanced lifestyle allows you to achieve your health goals which allows you to achieve your life goals!

Optimize your wellness for success!

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Accountability = Success, so who's holding you accountable to your goals?


The Mindful Vitality Tribe is designed for you to succeed with weekly lessons, goal setting and check ins

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