Gut health is everything.

As an evidence-based nutritionist with a BSc in nutrition and a BA in psychology, I'm passionate about the mind-body connection and the central role of mental health as part of one's healing journey.

I noticed that most women struggle with similar health issues: mental health, stress, pain and gut health issues - I knew these were all connected, and I wanted to empower women to heal by helping them to understand the connection.

I'm passionate about educating my clients so they know why and how my protocols work. They're sent home with an individualized healing protocol include a non-diet based meal plan or healthy eating guideline, lifestyle recommendations and supplements.

I strive to inspire my clients to heal by providing them with the resources, education and support they need in order to achieve their health goals - because your health defines your wealth!

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When it comes to health goals, support is everything.

So you know what you SHOULD be doing for your health, but it's super hard to stick with it!

You need the support of a tribe! I created the Mindful Vitality Tribe as a community for those of you on your healing journey that need some accountability, motivation and inspiration to reach your goals!

You get 24/7 support from myself and your tribe plus weekly lessons and recipes!

The doors are now open, and I'm offering FREE one week trials! Click below for more info.

The Mindful Vitality Blog

Each week I drop a new blog post on everything from gut health to mental health, cooking, chronic pain and more! I always tailor my content to what my followers want to see so I would love your feedback!

About Holly

I'm a registered nutritionist with degrees in both nutrition and psychology. I'm obsessed with cooking, learning about gut health and cuddling my friends dogs!

I believe that a balanced lifestyle allows you to achieve your health goals which allows you to achieve your life goals!

Optimize your wellness for success!

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I could give you a free meal plan, but would you actually do it?

Accountability = Success, so who's holding you accountable to your goals?


The Mindful Vitality Tribe is designed for you to succeed with weekly lessons, goal setting and check ins

1 week FREE trial available!

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